Creative writing workshops for middle school

Classes taught by BT4W Alum:  Isabelle Stephen 

For Yr Own Joy: starts February 7th

An Exploration in Creativity and the Written Word 

WHEN: Saturdays from 2-3:30pm February through May

COST:: $120

WHERE: the Graham and Parks School 44-linnaean street

Growing up, did you ever pretend that the playground was a castle fit for fighting a dragon? Do you sometimes put your iPod on repeat and listen to the same song over and over until you can feel the lyrics in your bones? Are the pages of your favorite book so worn out and well-read that they’re nearly torn? Congratulations, you’re a writer!

 Too often, as we move into middle school and beyond, we loose sight of what writing is--books and stories transform from a celebration of creativity and imagination to a dreaded chore, usually assigned by a teacher. In this class, we’ll do away with analytical writing, and get back to what really matters. Throughout this course, we’ll explore as many different forms of creative writing as we can--short fiction, long fiction, poetry, memoir, playwriting, you name it--in as many different ways as we can. We’ll discover some basic literary and poetic devices, and then we’ll use our poetic license and do away with them all. We’ll share our work in a supportive environment. And, above all--we’ll write. Come and see what you can do with a pen, a blank sheet of paper, and your limitless imagination!


Creative writing

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